Interested in some Mexican Tortas or Bowls? How anout some great cookies all delivered! Well Celebrity brand Mario Lopez Tortas and Mariah’s Cookies are right here in Macon! Bossa Novas is working with Virtual Dining Concepts to expand their Celebrity Virtual Restaurants and CBFA Corporation through its wholly owned subsidiary Bossa Novas restaurant and cafe has agreed to work with GrubHub and Virtual Dining Concepts to support the national Virtual Restaurant brand Mariah Carey’s Cookies” and “Mario Tortas Lopez”.

You can checkout the Mariah’s Cookeis menu here and order today for delivery: Mariah’s Cookes menu online

You can checkout the Mario Tortas Lopez menu here and order today for delivery: Mario Tortas Lopez menu on GrubHub

According to a post on Restaurant Business Online:

“Robert Earl’s Virtual Dining Concepts is launching two more celebrity-affiliated virtual brands: Mario’s Tortas Lopez, a tie-in with gossip-show host and “Saved by the Bell” actor Mario Lopez, and Pauly D’s Italian Subs, a venture connected with “Jersey Shore” star Paul D. DelVecchio, a.k.a. DJ Pauly D.

Both ventures are being marketed as packaged secondary brands that independent and chain restaurants can market via GrubHub as additional delivery options. An existing restaurant is provided with a menu, recipes, product specs and marketing support for producing items not on their current menu. The virtual brand is listed in GrubHub’s app as a freestanding option, even though it has no actual brick-and-mortar presence and its fare is produced in the kitchens of another actual restaurant. Because a virtual concept usually carries a product-focused name, they tend to come up higher when consumers search on GrubHub’s app or website for a particular item they’d like to have delivered, such as tortas—or Mexican sandwiches—and subs.”

CBFA is interested in the Virtual Restaurant and Ghost Kitchen concepts and sees this as an opportunity to be part of a growing brand and get familier with this growing space.


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