Enjoy the best Snacks in town.

Come in and see what we are famous for! Our Snacks and our special Snack Factory is our secret weapon.

Our Menu

Rhythm Sacks

  • UKE BREAD – PAO DE QUEIJO (GF) – Yuca cheese bread COMES WITH 5
  • HURDY GURDY – BOLINHO DE BACALHAU – Fried cod fish balls with potato comes with 4
  • DRUMSTICKS – COXINHA – Dough stuffed with a chicken salad then breaded and fried comes with 2
  • BEEF SHAKERS – KIBE – Torpedo shaped beef snacks made with ground beef, wheat bulger comes with 2
  • SOUL BISKETS – PASTEL / EMPANADA Half-moon shaped dough stuffed with chicken or beef and deep fried comes with 1

Smoothies and Juices

  • ACAI ACEROLA BLEND – Acai, Acerola, Bananas, Strawberries and Orange Juice.
  • BANANA CREAM – Bananas, Milk and Vanilla Syrup
  • STRAWBERRY CREAM – Strawberries, Milk and Ice.
  • BRAZILIAN WINTER – Avocado, Milk and Lime.
  • GARDEN DELIGHT – Carrots, Beets and Orange Juice.
  • SUMMER DAY – Watermelon, Papaya blended with Ice.
  • COCO FRAPPE – Coconut Milk, Milk, Condensed Milk, Coconut and Ice.
  • CASHEW BLEND – Cashew Fruit, Apple Juice and Strawberries.
  • PASSION DELIGHT – Passion Fruit, Bananas and Strawberries.

Coffee and Tea

  • CAFFEZINHO – 4 oz espresso shot with sugar.
  • ESPRESSO – 4 oz shot of espresso.
  • COFFEE – 20 oz coffee.
  • CAPPUCINO – 16 oz espresso shot with frothy milk head.
  • FLAVORED LATTE – 20 oz latte with flavor shot added.
  • ICE COFFEE – 20 oz ice coffee with milk, sugar and flavor shot.
  • BRAZILIAN ICED TEA – 20 oz a typical Brazilian tea sweet and non-sweet.

Sandwich combos

    Pulled chicken that has been smoked piled high with BBQ sauce on a Kaiser roll!
    Grilled veggies with tofu or Beyond burger and vegan cheese.
    Smoked beef sliced paper thin with BBQ sauce!
    Shredded beef cooked on tomato BBQ sauce.

Our Style Meals are served over rice with choice of side. Choose your grilled protein – (steak, chicken, shrimp or tofu)


Style Meals

  • BOSSA NOVA BOWL – V – Sautéed with tomatoes, onions and a slight smoked grill flavor.
  • ZOUK BOWL – V – Grilled with salt and garlic seasoning in olive oil.
  • SALSA BOWL – V – Sautéed with mixed veggies in a sweet mango vinaigrette sauce.
  • SAMBA BOWL – V – Grilled and served over an arepa with a Hogao creole sauce and fresh avocado.


  • TABBOULEH – V – Bulgur wheat, parsley, mint, cucumber, tomatoes.
  • RICE – V – Cooked Brazilian style with garlic and onions for flavor.
  • BEANS – V – Cooked Brazilian style with garlic.
  • CHICKPEA SALAD – V – Chick Peas, olive oil and spices, shredded veggies and garlic.
  • CRAB SALAD – shrimp and artificial crabmeat.
  • BRAZILIAN POTATO SALAD – Potato salad with carrots and peas and mayo.


  • PASTEL – Guava and Cheese
  • MOUSSE – Passion Fruit and Chocolate
  • MUFFINS – Chocolate, Blueberry, Crumbcake and more.
  • CAKES – Itlalian Lemon Creame Cake
  • CHURROS – Fried Churro with Cinnamon

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